#MASSAction Reading Group for April 29

Dear Readers, The #MassAction Reading Group will have its first meeting on Twitter 12:00-12:30 pm EDT on Monday, April 29, 2019.  If you are interested in reading and discussing thoughtful  and compelling ideas about social justice and transformation in museums, this Reading Group is for you!  We’ll begin with Chapter 1 of the #MASSAction tool kit and will follow with readings of a chapter every two weeks. For the disucssion on Monday, April 29 read the following:


Getting Started: What We Need to Change and Why
By Adam Patterson, Aletheia Wittman, Chieko Phillips, Gamynne Guillotte,
Therese Quinn, Adrianne Russell

Both of the following tools were developed and used by staff. led by nikil trevidi, at the Chicago Art Institute.  They held discussions over many months with CAI administration and staff.  So these materials been tested and found effective.

WORKSHEET FOR CHAPTER 1      Discussion questions to think about

FACILITATION OUTLINE      Useful if you want to lead a discussion of your own.

Looking forward to our chat on April 29.

Please send any comments to me @gretchjenn on Twitter.  Thanks, Gretchen




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